Project financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

The PICOE project has resulted in the development of a hardware / software platform to support emergency response forces in emergencies or disasters with the aim of coordinating and monitoring personnel in the area and collecting data also with the help of remotely piloted aircraft "systems" (drones).

The context in which we operate is that of Civil Protection, understood extensively as the public rescue activity in situations of natural calamity and / or accidents.

The platform allows a very simple and fast interaction between one or more Control Centers, equipped with an application on PC and remote users: these users, equipped with a smartphone application, can be public and / or private bodies that perform similar activities to the civil defense (Police forces, Army, Fire Department, voluntary organizations, etc.), but also individual citizens, because they are directly victims or rescuers, even if not trained and not subject to a command line.

The system also interacts with a certain number of FVOs, also equipped with a specific mobile APP that will allow real-time transmission of video streams during recon.

The platform, in a client / server logic, allows the emergency forces to register and to communicate to the all operators which, for various purposes and  different roles, operate in the emergency area.

The platform is an evolution of a geo-localization and proximity localization system using mature technologies and tested in different operational scenarios.

Operators of the Control Center have the ability to easily pinpoint on a map-location of operators and means of transport and send their multimedia messages (text, audio, video) to individual operators or to predefined classes of operators, in the area.

All operations and movements are monitored and recorded.

In case of need, operators can activate a live video streaming channel with the Control Center or with other operators contacted by the Control Center itself for assistance on specific problems (for example in case of medical assistance by an unskilled operator).